Books of December

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In which I didn’t really read; but I did a lot of listening.

I cover a few podcasts and the one book that is nearly done but took the bulk of my month.

The month’s reflection was written under my personal admonition to tie up loose ends before plunging too far ahead.

Books of December


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BrockaBooks of December

2 Comments on “Books of December”

  1. Colin

    The confessions – wow, I read this on my path to self-discovery and frequently revisit it. You inspired me to order Poisonwood, had never heard of it – thank you.

    1. Brocka

      St Augustine was new to me admittedly; appreciate it and will revisit it. Let me know when you begin Poisonwood…, I’ll do so simultaneously. We’ll see! It’s been many years for me.

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