Beware of Half Truth

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Following up on yesterday’s post, this is a quote out of the book Hoodwinked, How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked America. It is an example of how liberals have manipulated data to conform to their reality. The book is a couple years old (05, i think) but still highly relevant, and there are SO MANY examples it’s mind-boggling and sad. Of course, if you’ve seen any Michael Moore movie, you know how far someone will go and lie.

 “Fortunately, military researcher B.G. Burkett has recovered many of these truths. His efforts began innocently enough when he attempted to raise money for a Vietnam memorial in Dallas in the late 1980s. A Vietnam veteran himself, he found himself being rebuffed by one potential donor after another because of their perceptions of Vietnam veterans as bedraggled, if not deranged. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Burkett went to work addressing the myths surrounding the war, and what he found is astonishing.

In 1972, for instance, Walter Cronkite and CBS showed a now classic photo of a little Vietnamese girl running down the highway naked after a napalm attack. As Burkett notes, this image “became the perfect illustration of America’s ‘indiscriminate’ napalming of civilians.” The incident took place, however, in June 1972, when almost all American ground troops had left. Nor were any American planes involved or American advisors. The napalm was dropped by the South Vietnamese in response to a brutal communist attack on a marketplace. After the war, the girl, Kim Phuc, fled to the West.”

As you see from the Amazon link, you can get a used copy for 10 cents! lol…


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