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Much time goes by before I post, and wouldn’t ya know i’m overwhelmed with all I want to say-share. Everything can be surmised with the word chemistry. (literally and figuratively) Filmed a great youtube chat last week with fellow social media friend Jason Treu. We discussed dating, health, and personal motivation mainly. What is attraction? Chemistry. What does our perfect health look like? Homeostasis, chemistry.  How can we be motivated and/or what motivates us? Our behavior is based on hormones and mood, so yep, chemistry. Excitement and willpower for all these aforementioned…chemistry!

If you like science, these are awesome. Infographics of Chemical Compounds in Foods

the chemistry of chocolate


I’m so anti-sugar, I’m not going to get on a bandwagon about it, but I do like a little maple syrup on the occasion. This is lovely here: Health Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup click on link to see better, obviously 😉


The health of our psyche is definitely chemical. Here are the 10 Biggest Myths in Psychology, like that we only use 10% of our brain power. False

Oldest Living Things In the World from Deepspeed media on Vimeo.

Since one of the bigger issues in the US demographic mind is the gender gap and equal pay, here’s a rebroadcast of a Freakonomics podcast on Women Are Not Men

Again, lotsa lotsa! Music news coming…

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BrockaBecause, Chemistry

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