Are You Part of the Expensive Problem You Complain About?

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Often large quantities are difficult for the human brain to conceptualize. When I read in the National Restaurant News that Burger King had sold for 4 Billion dollars, it took me a moment to take it in. Wow. This is unfathomable. What i reflected on:
Is it that valuable? Obviously…
Yes, the place is frequented and eaten at THIS much.
Immediately my brain began running through the amount of meat that is produced to feed into the fast food culture.
I believe this is directly related to our obesity epidemic. (if this were grass-fed beef verses corn/soy fed, this number could be lower).
This epidemic is directly related to our exorbitant healthcare cost. The real result of eating this diet requires medicines for the littlest of maladies to heart disease and cancer; and then the other prescriptions that are needed to mitigate the side-effects of taking a prescription in the first place!
It is sad to consider that the majority of people that frequent fast food places with the most consistency are also of the most impoverished, lower socioeconomic class; they aren’t buying over-priced fruits and vegetables that satisfy hunger for a shorter period.
The cost wouldnt be such a problem if people ate fruits and vegetables that are in season. The energy needed for transporting out of season items from far away states adds to the cost. This is why eating local/organic is so important: Optimal health, minimal cost!
The dis-ease created by eating poorly is directly related to our prescription dependency, more contribution to the screwed healthcare.

All of these components seem part of a vicious cycle, constantly perpetuating itself. THIS is the unfathomable part; because it seems impossible to fix. This is why being conscientious of your eating habits is so important. One person does make a difference to the larger issue/cycle.
The biggest argument against eating organic is the cost. It is more expensive. It wouldnt be if more people made the choice to support it. The demand would rise; it also isnt when you eat seasonally.
It is expensive to pay for prescriptions refilled every month, when consistent unhealthy habits add up in older age.

This is definitely not a post advocating a particular diet. I am no saint anyway. If you arent a vegetarian, eating grass-fed meat is healthier for both yourself and the planet. And if youre a vegan, purchasing local is another step up.
But one thing everyONE should take away, eat at home and eat seasonally. What do you value? Save your money, save your health. Win win!

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BrockaAre You Part of the Expensive Problem You Complain About?

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