And then there was sun

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It has rained non stop for over a week. I can’t imagine living in most parts of the UK where this is normal. Seasonal affective disorder is no joke! Today I have walked miles, swept, raked, replanted succulents, etc…essentially tried to o.d. on vitamin D. Just a few more weeks till spring.

Thankfully there is Champagne. Really, the only significant change I wanted to make in this new year was drinking more champagne; and thus far I have been very consistent. Very very. On the outset I sought out extra brut for its minimal amount of sugar. I find a glass, with its delightful carbonation, very refreshing and enjoyable after work. Champagne sweetness scale: from brut to doux

champagne scale

champagne scale

It’s really been ages, probably in the years now, since I’ve watched the Food Network or any food style show. I’m considerably less involved in most food culture than I once was. I absolutely chalk it up to my diet and interests change. I am a very picky eater, have found what works for me, and suffer when I deviate. I love cooking at home and hate wasting money eating out too, so who cares about all the restaurants-goings-on. I was greatly intrigued by this article though. I am a Masterchef survivor. A journalist/foodie gets an opportunity to compete in one of the more riveting competition shows. It’s almost hard to believe 100%; or I don’t want to believe so many people, over many seasons and years, time and again, keep signing such ridiculous contracts just for 15 minutes of fame! Are there really this many masochist amongst us?! From the personality test and psychoanalysis to the complete forfeiture of most of the winner’s success, this is one hell of a ride of a read.

Ok, back to the blockchain. Sorry, this won’t be going away any time soon; may as well get comfortable. Whomever thought up this idea for a video is doing us all a favor, literally. Blockchain expert explains one concept with 5 levels of difficulty to a child; teen; college student; grad student; expert.

On top of the consistent storms in Dallas, this past week was quite an emotionally heavy one in America. Every time we loop back around to these devastating, fraught moments, most people just dig their heels in further. We get so wired up we can’t loosen up. I reflect a lot about which side of debates I sit on, and how history will write about these conflicting and argumentative times. Anyone frequently on social media knows you really can’t change another person’s mind. It’s best to keep sinking ones self into healthy habits and creative projects and let some cards fall where they may. And take a deep breath.

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BrockaAnd then there was sun

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