A Seasonal Briefing

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When the heat beats and our stride slows to the frequency of the sun’s waves

When the blessed of us go from one air conditioning unit to the coolness of another

-as we only know the interim, we don’t labor in it

We water our plants in the evening after the sun sets, so we aren’t wasting water on a scorched earth.

Seasons do change us.

I’m creeping up on another birthday and closing in on another work anniversary

Both are conspiring and pushing against old ideals for myself; and pardon if I haven’t gotten a grip yet

-hence my silence and absence

The ego is the enemy.

I’m generally trying to not be so hard on myself… a continuously expanding and retracting place; like the moon and it’s tides.

I’m simultaneously quite contented with my life and routine. There’s something to be said about that as well.

I spend a lot more time reading-listening than writing and speaking on all the matters, which isn’t a healthy balance.

Who said it’s the writing that helps us make sense of it all? There must be equal time to digest and assimilate.

This is why grad papers are so long

I’m loving all the stirring up that’s happening

Great thinkers putting out great things Politics Religion Lifestyle

Jordan Peterson’s most recent podcast is an interview with Steven Pinker on his latest book Enlightenment Now. I found the latter half more interesting.

Also, it is worth noting that as politics becomes even more dogmatic, unusual alliances are occurring. There is an equal and opposite reaction.

As the heat increases the temperature of my thoughts do too. What can I contribute? What can I say differently?

I’m on Instagram more than any social media platform, and even rarely there.

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BrockaA Seasonal Briefing

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