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This date is synonymous with marijuana usage. I have found that the usage also personifies complacency. Frankly, it makes one give less of a fuck. This is good and bad. Some people really need to freakin relax, like war veterans (research Maps.org) BUT some people need to give more shits about the direction their life is (not) going and get off the damn couch. Stop smoking bud. 
I smoked A LOT of pot in high school. Me and a girlfriend could get through an entire 1/2 ounce in a weekend. That’s quite a bit if you don’t know. I would take a bong hit before school, during lunch when i drove off campus, and then again after school before a group would descend upon my bedroom floor -and we would sit in a circle in my bedroom doing our homework together. [This is really where great writing stems from.] I gladly and enjoyably did this drug yet still had my priorities straight.
The high school and the college crowd seemed to be drastically divided between the smokers and the drinkers, minus the one or two Mormons. (like all Brocka post, a whole other story)

I didn’t even drink alcohol or get into cocktails until my mid-twenties. And to this day, I would rather drive on the roads next to a person who just smoked a joint verses one who drank a few cocktails. But intellectually I know medical marijuana has exponential benefits and when the recreational stigma is removed, a lot of good health and healing can come out of THC. Ask cancer patients with no appetite…

I rarely share my personal experience, but when I do, I follow it up with the fact I graduated high school when I was 16, almost 17. The entire experience was something I saw as an of-the-moment behavior I had no attachment to. When my mother first found out, she looked me squarely in my red eyes and screamed ‘This is unbecoming of you!’ The guilt was heavy and I knew it to be true; I also knew it would pass. I remember quitting cold-turkey on a Thursday. I recall the Thursday specifically, because in America, Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, and the ‘cold turkey’ label seemed apropos. I was in massage therapy school and this new healthy holistic life was not conducive to smoking. It was that simple. 
So many many years later, it is funny now how the smell of it can gag me to no end -though I’m never around it. I don’t even think i know people who smoke, and if I do it’s maybe 3. I just generally can’t stand the blasé, passé disposition associated with it. I also fear the government will strong-arm it and turn it into another manipulative lobby.
Get real about it, just don’t get real dumb.
Like everything in life, there is a balance. It really can serve some for the highest (pun) good. I was really productive and constructive when I smoked. I wanted to create or organize or clean. It just stopped being that for me. And while it is creativity enhancing, it is a depressant drug. It obliterates personal drive to fix circumstances. NO addiction can solve a problem. This is why I call it the complacent drug.
Addictions only make reality less real. -Brocka (quote) A bandaid -but not a cure.
Not the blog I intended to post today, but strike while the iron is hot. I’d appreciate if you’d subscribe. I infrequently write here, so know I’m gonna be real when I do.
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